How to handle your wet iPhone?

For the wet iPhone to dry, speed comes first. At first switch off your phone to avoid major damage to your phone. You should not shake phone strongly otherwise water can enter to circuit board and it will harm your iPhone device vigorously. You should not use dryer or keep it is dry place to move away excess water. You should not freeze it even. If you want to give it home treatment then warm is better than too cold or too hot.

Here are some solutions suggested by iPhone developers and iPhone programmers that you should look our immediately…..

•    Drying your mobile device

First of all, you should remove SIM card and protective case of your cell phone. You can either use silica gel packets or you may put your phone inside rice to make it dry. It will store the excess water and does not damage your phone in either way. You have to leave your phone in the same condition for minimum of 72 hours. 

After this, you can take a breath of relief when switching off your iPhone. Please be careful here because parts may get corroded from inside.

•    Check for insurance

In case, your phone does not work properly even after 72 hours then you can claim for the insurance.  Insurance Companies will deduct few dollars and you would be able to get maximum value of your iPhone.

•    Look for Repair services

Sadly, if you have not made insurance for your iPhone then last option is to repair it. There is Apple service centers available everywhere to deal with damaged Apple devices. But this is not a cheap solution. In case, you have to replace any part then you will pay for it. So try to possibly deal with your apple device yourself. Clean it, dry it, and use it again.

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